St. Valentine Parish Council Meeting Minutes for September 22, 2015

 In Attendance: Fr Socorro, Fr Henry, Lisa Alexander, Walt Bankowski, Dan Benard, Ron Fron, Anthony Janisse, Joe Kelly, Jeff Kramer, Mike Nowak, Alan Pawlik, Stephanie Toth, Allison Wright, Frank Zbikowski.

Election of New Officers: Chairperson: Dan Benard, Vice Chairperson: Ron Fron, Secretary: Alan Pawlik

Old Business

• Parish Picnic Report – About 180 attended, moved to gym due to weather forecast. Considering having the next picnic in the school gym due to success, ease of use and reduced cost.
• Coffee, Cider & Donuts – Next date: 18-OCT-2015, sponsored by Parish Council. Dan Benard and Lisa Alexander to setup; Alan Pawlik to assist with cleanup.
• Increase Mass Attendance – How to identify parishioners who don’t currently attend mass? Possibly speak with non-Catholics about their conversion.
• Church Cleanup – 10-OCT-2015 from 9AM to 12PM (barring a funeral). Coordinators Eileen MacDonell (outside), Dan Benard (inside). Eileen to reach out to the Men’s Club for assistance with trees and bushes.

New Business

• Christmas Card – Dan Benard to contact Ann Brighton.
• Parish Picnic will be 28-AUG-2016 next year.

Commissions Pastoral update:

• RCIA starts 24-SEP-2015. (10) Catechumens so far.
• We have raised $10K so far for PSA. • Selecting (5) to attend “Amazing Parish Confidence” April 18th-20th 2016. • Synod – November 2016.
• Potentially adding another second collection for St. Valentine School tuition assistance.

Finance Commission:

• Met with Michigan Catholic Council for a risk assessment of the church and school grounds. Small items found needing updates, such as GFIs, carpet trip hazard in choir loft. Worship:
• 2017 is St. Valentine’s 70th anniversary.

School Advisory

• “State of the School” to be requested from Rachel Damuth for next meeting. Evangelization Committee
• One year membership purchased by Our Lady of Loretto. They will share with St. Valentine parish. Possible link to resources put on parish website.

• 07-FEB-2015 Mass Mob. Have a PC member attend one; scope it out.
• Fund raising ideas – 50’s or 60’s themed event at the school gym?
• Walt Bankowski suggested having veterans or young people speak before the parish occasionally.

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