St. Valentine Parish Council Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Attending:  Fr. Socorro, Jeff Kramer, Ron Fron, Mary Anthony, Lisa Alexander, Fr. Henry, Joe Kelly, Tony Janisse, Walt Bankowski, Mike Nowak, Rosemary Fox

Meeting was opened at 7:30 PM with a prayer from Mary Anthony

New Business

Linda Thompson provided feedback from a forum they attended at OLGC concerning the Catholic Women Bible Study called “Walking with Purpose”.  

· There are 22 weekly lessons to study at home and a monthly meeting (with coffee) for discussion.

· Will need small space for the meeting and advertising (and perhaps child care)

Parish Council agreed to support

Old Business

Fundraising events

No decision was made on a future event.  Many ideas were discussed.  More ideas/discussion on events are needed

Commission Reports

 Pastoral Update: Fr. Socorro

Father will be in India April 9th to May 8th

 Pastoral Update: Fr. Henry

During the Easter Vigil, 9 people will be receiving sacraments

 Christian Service: Rosemary Fox

· The seven members of the committee have completed their work for this year.

· The Lenten Soup Supper at St. Valentine went well.

The Right to Life baby shower was a good event


· The Receiving of the Cup will return for Easter

Funding for the LED lights project was approved by Men’s Club.  They should be ready for Easter.

 Meeting was closed at 9:10 PM with a prayer from Fr. Henry

 Next Meeting is April 17, 2018 – 7:30 PM

Stewardship Thoughts

The themes linked in today’s Scripture readings call for us to avoid sin by following the Lord’s directives, to repent, and to seek forgiveness. St. Peter, in the Acts of the Apostles, relates the evil of Christ’s passion and death, and that through repentance and conversion, our sins be wiped away. St. John, in his First Letter, reminds us that Jesus is an offering for our sins. In St. Luke’s Gospel, Jesus appears to His disciples after His Resurrection while two of them recount their encounter with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. They finally recognize Him in the breaking of the bread. The Church has long taught that partaking of the Eucharist forgives lesser sins. Likewise, participating in the sacrament of Reconciliation for the forgiveness of sins opens us to Christ’s grace, bringing us closer to Him, giving us peace in our lives. This week, go to confession and receive Holy Communion to draw into union with Christ.


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