1st Sunday of Lent – God’s Covenant with Noah

Adam, in the Garden of Eden, lived a life without chaos and pain.  He did not know life without God.  All was good. It was a life of discovery and joy until Adam broke the covenant with God and disobeyed the one commandment God gave him- not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life.  Life went downhill from there.  Adam’s sons, Cain and Able, fought resulting in one killing the other.  Adam’s family experienced pain, hunger, physical and mental hardships because he had broken the covenant. 

 Fast forward generations and Noah’s world was a continuation of the same pain and suffering.  For Noah, and those who followed God’s way, life had its blessings.  These followers were the minority, though; men and women had turned their backs to God and chose creature comforts instead of following God’s precepts.  God decided to punish the world and when the rains came, Noah and his family, who had followed God’s laws, watched as the earth disappeared.  For 40 days the people on the ark saw everything vanish.  But after the rains came new life.  To Noah life was salvation.  When God spoke to Noah and his family, he talked about His bond with all creation.  The covenant God made was with all living things – plants, animals, and Noah’s family.  And the sign of this covenant – the rainbow, tying earth to heaven – a token of God’s love.

How are you living the promise, the covenant God has made?  Are you adrift on the sea of life?  Are the rains still coming down?  The Church is like the ark, floating through the chaos, the storms of life.  Stay aboard and it will take you to safety.  As you listen to the readings this Sunday, search for God’s words to you.  This Sunday He is telling us that His plans are for us. The readings remind us To Live the Promise; Live the Covenant

 · 2nd Sunday of Lent – 2.28 – Covenant with Abraham

· Abraham is saved from killing his son and is promised that his descendants would be “as numerous as the stars.”

· 3rd Sunday of Lent – 3.7 – Covenant with Moses

· Israel is brought out of slavery in Egypt and receives the 10 Commandments.

· 4th Sunday in Lent – 3.14 – Called back to the covenant

· Israel loses sight of the covenant and God sends His prophets to them.

· 5th Sunday in Lent – 3.21 – Announcing the New Covenant

· Jeremiah tells Israel a new covenant is coming.

Friday, Stations of the Cross at 7 pm in the church. If you would like to lead the Stations of the Cross, please see the sign up sheet in the back of the church.

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