St. Valentine Parish Council Meeting Minutes for September 22, 2015

 In Attendance: Fr Socorro, Fr Henry, Lisa Alexander, Walt Bankowski, Dan Benard, Ron Fron, Anthony Janisse, Joe Kelly, Jeff Kramer, Mike Nowak, Alan Pawlik, Stephanie Toth, Allison Wright, Frank Zbikowski.

Election of New Officers: Chairperson: Dan Benard, Vice Chairperson: Ron Fron, Secretary: Alan Pawlik

Old Business

• Parish Picnic Report – About 180 attended, moved to gym due to weather forecast. Considering having the next picnic in the school gym due to success, ease of use and reduced cost.
• Coffee, Cider & Donuts – Next date: 18-OCT-2015, sponsored by Parish Council. Dan Benard and Lisa Alexander to setup; Alan Pawlik to assist with cleanup.
• Increase Mass Attendance – How to identify parishioners who don’t currently attend mass? Possibly speak with non-Catholics about their conversion.
• Church Cleanup – 10-OCT-2015 from 9AM to 12PM (barring a funeral). Coordinators Eileen MacDonell (outside), Dan Benard (inside). Eileen to reach out to the Men’s Club for assistance with trees and bushes.

New Business

• Christmas Card – Dan Benard to contact Ann Brighton.
• Parish Picnic will be 28-AUG-2016 next year.

Commissions Pastoral update:

• RCIA starts 24-SEP-2015. (10) Catechumens so far.
• We have raised $10K so far for PSA. • Selecting (5) to attend “Amazing Parish Confidence” April 18th-20th 2016. • Synod – November 2016.
• Potentially adding another second collection for St. Valentine School tuition assistance.

Finance Commission:

• Met with Michigan Catholic Council for a risk assessment of the church and school grounds. Small items found needing updates, such as GFIs, carpet trip hazard in choir loft. Worship:
• 2017 is St. Valentine’s 70th anniversary.

School Advisory

• “State of the School” to be requested from Rachel Damuth for next meeting. Evangelization Committee
• One year membership purchased by Our Lady of Loretto. They will share with St. Valentine parish. Possible link to resources put on parish website.

• 07-FEB-2015 Mass Mob. Have a PC member attend one; scope it out.
• Fund raising ideas – 50’s or 60’s themed event at the school gym?
• Walt Bankowski suggested having veterans or young people speak before the parish occasionally.

Parish Council Nominations

The St Valentine Parish Pastoral Council is seeking nomination for five openings on the Council. The membership runs three years and begins September 2015. The members will be selected once the submitted names are received and approved by the pastor. To be eligible for nomination a person must be 18 years of age or older, have received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation, a registered parishioner, and a weekly Mass attendee. Meetings are scheduled the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm and are held September through June. You may submit your name or that of someone else. For those who may be interested in further information about the work of the Council, please call the Parish Office 313-532-4394.