Priesthood Sunday

Last Sunday we celebrated Priesthood Sunday and this weekend we celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week. I think the write up below will give some information to those wondering what it means to be a Religious or a Diocesan priest. I also take this opportunity to THANK each one of you for your prayers for us, your priests, every day and especially on Priesthood Sunday. Thanks also for the kindness you show towards us through your words and good deeds. May God Bless you all.

Fr. Socorro


In honor of Priesthood Sunday, the Faith Formation children honored both priests with a poster sending their thankfulness in messages written on their personalized lambs.


What are the differences between religious order priests and diocesan priests?

Religious Order Priests – Priests who are members of a religious order are community men. They choose to live out their lives within the structure of the vows and community life, while pursuing a ministry of loving service which flows out of the particular charism of their community (care for the poor, healing, education, media, foreign missions, etc.). As community members, they elect their superiors who then send them to missions where they are best suited and most needed. Many religious communities have an option for missions worldwide. Religious priests celebrate the Mass and administer the sacraments. Their daily Mass and prayer in community support their call to religious life and their total commitment to the service of the gospel.


Diocesan Priests – Diocesan priests are ordained for ministry in a particular diocese, with accountability to the Bishop of that diocese. They are men of prayer and are to be obedient to their bishop. Their ministries are dictated by the call of their bishop and the needs of their diocese. The vast majority of diocesan priests serve as parish priests, which encompasses hospital visitation, family counselling, youth activities, and parish organization. At the heart of their commitment to Christ is the celebration of daily Mass and administration of the sacraments. Diocesan priests do not ordinarily live in community situations and must be capable of living on their own. This vocation is demanding since there is no community with which to pray, outside the celebration of Mass and sacraments, unless the priests form one for this purpose. Often a priest will say, “My parish is my community.” Diocesan priests are encouraged by their bishops to form strong relationships with their brother priests for prayer, sharing, support, and relaxation.


Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus, grant our young people generosity to follow your call and courage to overcome all obstacles to their vocation. Give their parents the faith, love, and spirit of sacrifice to offer their children to God’s service and to rejoice when one of them is called to priesthood or religious life. Let the example of our Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph encourage young people and parents, and let your grace sustain them. Amen.


Thank You!

 As a Parish we owe our thanks to the AOH (Ancient Order of Hibernians) for naming St. Valentine School and the Parish as the beneficiaries of the 54th Annual Charity Ball, held on October 14, 2017. After Mike and Maureen Kelly were awarded the 2017 Hibernians of the Year award the organizers called Fr. Henry and myself up and handed us the check in the amount of $6500.00. It was a pleasant surprise for all of us and we are so grateful to the organizers for their donations towards St. Valentine.

A number of St. Valentine parishioners, teachers and parents from the school were in attendance besides many others showing their support through advertisements and patrons. Thank you to all.

May God bless all their efforts and the charitable works the AOH does for the surrounding communities.


Rite of Candidacy

As it was mentioned in last weeks bulletin – Robert Calleja from St. Valentine and Joseph Colleran from St. Kenneth will be installed as Lector on Sunday, October 29th at the Noon Mass – the Mass will be celebrated by Most Rev. Bishop Gerard Battersby. Everyone is welcomed to be part of this celebration. We congratulate Bob and Joe in advance and pray that they may continue to journey with the Lord and serve Him in His vineyard.


Today Is Mission Sunday

Last weekend we heard the gospel account of Jesus speaking the parable of the king who invited his guests to the banquet. “Go out, into the main roads and invite to the feast whomever you find.” That mandate parallels Jesus’ command to his disciples, “Go to the ends of the earth and preach the gospel message to all peoples.” Mark 16:15.

That is what the Lord is asking us today as we reach out to those servant-missionaries who are giving their lives for the spread of the gospel and the support of the “Young Churches” they have established. They have truly gone to the main roads of the world and have invited so many to the Lord’s banquet.

We observe the annual day of prayer and sacrifice for the missions today. We unite ourselves also with our fellow Christians all over the world who with us attempt to share our faith with others, especially those who have not yet heard the name of Jesus. Today offers us the opportunity to join our missionaries in the “holiest and greatest work of the Church.”

AOH 54th Annual Charity Ball

Every year the AOH Stephen Walsh Division holds a Charity Ball to Honor two Distinguished Hibernians. This year the two Distinguished Hibernians are our own parish members, Mike and Maureen Kelly.  What a great honor for the St. Valentine family. With the Charity Ball event the AOH also chooses a parish to donate the proceeds to and this year St. Valentine Catholic School and the Parish is going to be the beneficiaries. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to support AOH and show our appreciation for Mike and Maureen Kelly as they do a lot for our community. 


The 54th Annual Ancient Order of Hibernians Charity Ball, will be  on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at  George F. Monaghan K of C Hall, 19801 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI$50.00 per person includes Dinner and Open Bar. Mass at 5:30 pm., Cocktails 6:30, Dinner 7:308:30 pm., Hibernians of the Year Award followed by Dancing to The Classic Band.


Any parish member can participate by purchasing tickets to the event and/or buying patron sponsors for $5.00 (which amounts to your name or family names being listed on a single line as a patron) to a 1/4 page business card ad $40.00, half page ad $60.00 or a full page ad $100.00. St. Valentine get’s 100% of the revenue for the ads/patrons we generate for the Program Book.


 We require ads and patrons to be turned in by October 6, 2017.


For tickets and ad book sales contact Maureen Kelly (St. Valentine School Librarian) at 313.533.719 or Thank you for your support. It would be like a parish event if many of us take part in it. Come let us join in and celebrate the achievements of Mike and Maureen.


In Gratitude

As we begin a new academic year, and here at St. Valentine as we begin to combine the Youth Group with Our Lady of Loretto, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shannon Mcqueen and Pat Fox for coordinating together to help the young high school students for the past several years. They gave of their time and talent generously without getting any remuneration. They did this so that they could keep the youth connected to the church and help them deepen their faith. The group together did things for the community and took part every year in the Rainbow Conference hosted by the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) in the Archdiocese of Detroit. I am sure all those who have gone through youth group under the guidance of Shannon and Pat will have many cherished memories.

On behalf of Fr. Henry and St. Valentine Parish Community I would like to extend my thanks to Shannon and Pat. May you receive many blessings as a reward for all that you have done for the St. Valentine Parish Community.

God Bless you.

Fr. Socorro