Pallottine Collection 2019

Next Sunday (Palm Sunday) we will have a second collection, which will be for the mission and works of the Pallottines back in India. In the past years you have always been very generous and we are grateful for that. Know for sure that your sacrifices will go a long way. I know there has been many 2nd collections during the Lenten season, so if you are not able to help financially do not be disheartened, just offer a prayer for our missionary works and you will receive your blessings in return.

Back in India, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province (ABVM) is venturing into new mission areas and our formation houses are still growing with many seminarians at different stages of their formation. This April-May 2019, 20 deacons will be ordained priests. I will be attending the ordinations of two of the deacons whom I have known since the time they entered the seminary. We are blest to know that our Society in India is still growing at a good phase.

Plans are already in place for the division of the ABVM Province which was covering five States in India. In January of 2020 this Province will be divided into two more, a Province and a Region. With that we will have a total of 4 Provinces and 1 Region in the whole of India. In that way each Province will have the opportunity to explore different places of missions as well as to grow further.

 We as Pallottines are very blessed to have this opportunity to serve here in this Archdiocese and especially here at St. Valentine Parish for the past 12 years. Your prayers, words of encouragement and your support keep us going stronger. Thank you once again for all the sacrifices you make for the good of the parish. May our Founder St. Vincent Pallotti and our Patroness Mary Queen of the Apostles continue to guide us as we minister to you.


God Bless you.

Fr. Socorro

Volunteers Needed

 On Holy Thursday (April 18), during the “Mass Of The Lord’s Supper”, twelve volunteers are needed to re-enact the role of the apostles in a washing of the feet celebration. You are invited to become one of the volunteers.

Please “sign-up” on the poster located in the main vestibule of church.

Passion Play

What a Week for Jesus  – The newly confirmed with the assistance of the 7th graders from the school will be re-enacting the Passion Play, What a Week for Jesus. All are welcome to join us in Church and support our newly confirmed on the following days: Monday, April 15 at 7 pm, Thursday, April 18 or Good Friday, April 19th after the Stations of the Cross at 1:30 p.m.

Stained Glass Windows

The amount that was needed to put the Stained Glass Windows on the wall was $16,475.00. Total amount pledged is $16,820.00. Sincere thanks to each one of you for giving generously from the little that you have. I can say I am blessed to have so much support.

God bless you all.

Fr. Socorro

 Stained Glass Windows Donors

Linda and Bob Rybka – $5000
Robert Fenstemaker – $1000
Susan Krueger – $1000
Joan and Jim Ricotta – $1000
Self – $1000
Anonymous – $1000
Marcia and Ron Fron – $500
Mary Ellen Marley – $500
Kathy and James Gresham – $500
Eduardo and Donna Echeverria – $500
Bonnie and John Danic – $500
Judy and Frank Zbikowski – $500
Karl Koenig – $500
Carol and Larry Hutcherson – $300
Adelaide Anderson – $300
Robert and Eileen MacDonell – $300
Lorraine Boskovich – $300
Eilene Kuhl – $300
Beth Ann Schick – $200
Renee and Brian Gaida – $200
Bill Charlton – $200
David and Maria Zoltowski – $200
Rita Nalepa – $100
Ellen Kalt – $100
Marian and Mike Stack – $100
Karen Werner – $100
Anonymous – $100
Sharon and Robert Butler – $100
Jesse Burrell – $100
Deborah and Richard Chrzasz – $100
Ed and Marcia Favor—$100
Marianne and Albert Betzler – $50
Amador Bravo – $50
Patricia Williamson – $20

Penance Service:

On March 26 at 7.00 pm you are invited at Our Lady of Loretto to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation – a sign of God’s merciful and loving forgiveness. Before we begin hearing individual confessions we will have a little preparation for the sacrament. Besides Fr. Kishore and myself there will be Fr. Rick Hartmann and Fr. Sal Briffa from the Clergy Village and Fr. Tom Heier from Marianhill Center. We encourage you to take this opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation in preparation for Easter.

Resurrection Window for St. Valentine Church

This is the information we could come up with from the Archdiocese of Detroit regarding these windows.  They come from Our Lady of Lourdes Church in River Rouge which was opened in 1893.  They are from the old red brick church (I believe that it was the second church) that had to be demolished because it was collapsing from the effects of an underground river.  The windows were incorporated into the new church which I think was built in the 1990s.  As of now, Our Lady of Lourdes Church in River Rouge has been closed and merged with St. Andre Bessette. I believe the windows were made by Meier of Munich in the 1920s. If by chance we receive more information, we will definitely pass it on to you.

*Information provided by the AOD.

Welcome Back, Fr. Kishore!