Tiger Trip

Thank goodness our Tiger trip did not get rained out on Friday, July 20th, our bus came with the happiest driver ever, LA Williams, we filled the bus and then said our prayers thanks to Fr. Kishore, we started out with some stats questions on our way to Detroit. We had some pictures taken of the group and then entered the stadium, we did get floppy hats as the giveaway that day. Everyone had  to make a choice on the wonderful foods and beverages that were around the park. As game time grew closer we all met up in Section 215 and had a great time, for some of the group this was the first time they ever went on one of our Tiger trips, for some this was the first time they were in Comerica Park, we hope you all come back again, it was great to see families and friends that met up to come to the game. Unfortunately the Tigers lost 1-0 to the Red Sox, but in the end the fireworks were great and then we headed on back to the St. Valentine parking lot. It was a fun filled evening, hope you can join us next year!

Cecilia Gallagher

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