Congratulations to members of Catholic Church!


On June 14th at the 9 am Mass three of our six Catechumens were brought into the Catholic Church. We congratulate Louis Martin, Jo’Van Martin and Jacob Frankmann. Louis and Jacob went thru the RCIA program held on Thursday evenings and Ja’von was instructed thru our School. We welcome these 3 fine gentlemen. Please be sure to send your congratulations to them when you see them in Church.


From the Archdiocese of Detroit;  Directives for Resumption of Public Masses: Phase II

I. Necessary conditions for public Masses in the Archdiocese of Detroit:

1.Face-coverings/masks are to be worn by the faithful in the church.

2.Cleaning and sanitizing of church facilities must be done using proper techniques before or after Masses.

3.Physical distancing is to be practiced in the church and on the church property.

4.Parish churches should not exceed 50% of total capacity for the church.

a. This limit should allow people to remain at least six feet apart.

b. Depending on church layout, this number may have to be less than 50% of the total capacity.

c. An additional location on the church property (e.g. social hall, parking lot) may be used as an “overflow” for additional people desiring to attend public Mass. Any such indoor area should not exceed the same 50% capacity for the space.

5.Outdoor Masses are permitted without a strict capacity limit provided physical distancing guidelines are maintained.

II. Funerals, Weddings, and Baptisms are permitted under the same conditions.

III. With the permission of the pastor, non-liturgical gatherings may take place indoors if they observe strict health and safety guidelines, face-coverings are worn, and the gathering not exceed 10 persons. Non- liturgical gatherings up to 100 people are permitted outdoors provided physical distancing is maintained.

IV. All the faithful in the Archdiocese of Detroit are dispensed from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass through Sunday, September 6, 2020.

V. Pastors have been given directions about Confirmations for the remainder of the calendar year.

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