Fall Clean Up

What a wonderful fall clean up we had: God graced us with a sunny day on October 17th, and lots of help.  In fact, a few helpers came after they helped remove the plastic from the inside of church (due to roofing project): such a dedicated parish family we have. A very warm thank you to Barbara Cunningham, Allison Wright, John Rini, Tony Nichols, George Baughman, Mike Nowak, Mike Stack, Stuart Maier, Keith Vega, Mary Marley, Linda and Bob Rybka and Bob MacDonell. We got all the beds cleared at the church and school along with much needed tree trimming completed as a bonus.  Thank you also to Sylvia Snigier who allowed us to put 22 bags of compost on her curb, along with 20 bags at the school’s curb, allowing us to be earth friendly and not use the dumpster. Thanks again everyone for all your efforts to make our part of God’s garden look trim and ready for winter: True team work!!  Thank you so much for your support and dedication to our Parish.

Please plan on helping in May 2021 for spring planting, hopefully we will have some perennials that need to be thinned and shared. 

Warmest regards,  Eileen MacDonell

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