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 Without offertory, parishes rely heavily on online,  mailed-in gifts to fund ministry. *Taken from Detroit Catholic

 If you feel comfortable making an online contribution to St. Valentine Parish, please read the steps below how to make your weekly donations during this time.

 The archdiocese has created an easy to use webpage,   that will allow your gift to your parish.

Thank you for considering making a gift online to support our parish. Your gift will be credited and distributed directly to our parish.

We look forward to an end to the Coronavirus pandemic and resuming the sacramental life of the church in our parishes.

COVID-19 Liturgical Directives from AOD

The following directives are being issued based on Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order of March 23, 2020. These directives are in place through Easter Monday, April 13, 2020.

I. General Principles

1. In cooperation with the governor’s executive order, parish offices are to be closed and employees, as they are able, to work from home. Pastors should take precautions to keep their churches clean and open, if they are able, and available for prayer, especially for those interceding for the sick.

2. Funerals and weddings are to be suspended during this time. Priests should coordinate with their funeral directors when families request the rites proper to funerals. Graveside services are still permitted provided they observe proper social distancing.

3. Baptisms are also to be suspended during this time. Where there is a real danger of death, the person should be baptized in the hospital or home of the parents. In danger of death, the faithful should consult with their pastors.

4. Priests are to continue to celebrate private Mass daily, remembering the efficacious nature of the Mass even without the presence of the faithful and to fulfill Mass intentions which have been allocated. Pastors are reminded of their obligation to offer the Sunday Mass for the people of the parish.

5. The pastoral care of the faithful must always be paramount. Therefore, priests should consider the best options for the celebration of private confession for those in dire need of the Sacrament.

6. Anointing of the Sick for those in dire need of the sacrament should still be performed in the home of the individual or in the hospital or health care facility, following the directives of the health care facility.

7. Parish Confirmations scheduled for the remainder of 2020 are suspended until further notice. Plans for their resumption will be examined at a later time.

Livestreamed Liturgies for Holy Week from Blessed Sacrament

 Holy Week

Palm Sunday: Palms are not to be distributed in the parish during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order and may be distributed at a later time.

Chrism Mass: Will be celebrated privately and livestreamed from Blessed Sacrament Cathedral Monday of Holy Week (6 April) at 7 pm. Arrangements will be made for the oils to be distributed to the parishes through the Vicars.

Triduum liturgies are to be offered in private. Triduum liturgies with Archbishop Vigneron will be livestreamed from Blessed Sacrament Cathedral; see times below.

a. Mass of the Lord’s Supper:  Mass will be livestreamed from Blessed Sacrament Cathedral at 7 pm

b. Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion: This Liturgy will be livestreamed from Blessed Sacrament Cathedral at 1 pm

c. Easter Vigil:  This Mass will be livestreamed from Blessed Sacrament Cathedral at 9:00pm

Administering the Sacraments of Initiation to those in RCIA is to be postponed until a later date when the fuller community can be present. The Archbishop will determine a suitable time for the reception of these members into the Church (RCIA, 26-27). This will be announced in advance to allow proper preparation.

Easter Sunday: This Mass will be livestreamed from Blessed Sacrament Cathedral at 11:00am.