January 22nd – Feast of St. Vincent Pallotti

St. Vincent Pallotti was born in Rome in 1795. He was a wellknown priest because many people sensed that God worked extraordinary graces through him. He raised large sums of money and organized schools for shoemakers, tailors, coachmen, carpenters, and gardeners, as well as evening classes for young farmers and unskilled workers. In his lifetime, he founded the Union of Catholic Apostolate. At that time, the Church did not actively involve the laity, but St. Vincent wanted to inspire people from all walks of life to work constantly for God’s kingdom. He called the members of the Union of Catholic Apostolate (laity, sisters, priests, and brothers) to charity, patience, humility, zeal, and love of God. St. Vincent Pallotti died, leaving a legacy that inspires people worldwide. Today the Union of Catholic Apostolate in the United States is composed of the Pallottine Fathers and Brothers, the Pallottine Sisters, the Pallottine Missionary Sisters, and various lay groups.

At St. Valentine Catholic Church, we are blessed to be served by the Pallottine Fathers.  Happy Feast Day, Fr. Socorro!